Stock Your Sink

Vintage barber and hairdresser silhouette set

Walmart, Walgreen’s, your local drug store… these places have the basics covered. They’ve got what you need. But let’s say you want something a little… different.  Maybe you’d like to shave your neck with an […]

The Small Comforts

shaving cream medium

The tools of the beard trade are simple. Shears, trimmers, shaving cream, the occasional conditioner or gel… We’re men. We’re simple creatures. We also take joy in the simple things of life- like a beer […]

How to Trim a Beard with Scissors


This is a step by step guide to trimming your beard with scissors or styling shears. Scissors give your beard a more natural look… or a “naturally uneven” look if you will, which lends itself […]

The Basics- Beard Geometry

Beard Diagram

This handy diagram shows the basic geometry of a beard. We use these terms on the site when describing how to trim a beard. For example, a pencil thin beard requires you to lower your […]

The Basics- Why Men Grow Facial Hair


    For most men, facial hair begins to grow during puberty when the body is flooded with testosterone. Hormones wake up the sleeping hair follicles and the surface of our faces are transformed forever. […]